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@HIRE recruiters are trained to seek out the competitor’s talent. Understanding what a company needs on their team to enhance their product is the first step to recruiting the RIGHT FIT. Whether it’s development skills, sales contacts or marketing know-how when it comes to the 18-24 demographic @HIRE knows where to look. Direct recruiting, networking and vetting candidates for the right stuff (technically and non-technical) is ultra important in making the most beneficial hire. Partner with @HIRE to make your next perm or contract hire.

With our network of clients and expertise in matching candidates you can find yourself in front of companies which were previously unknown to you. From resume review, career goal discussions, rating job components including salary, options, benefits and technology exposure/expertise to interview preparation and offer negotiations, @HIRE is there to help you find the right opportunity at the right time, because our clients need someone like you.

For more information about @HIRE call or email us today and let us know of your hiring needs or what an upgrade in your career looks like to you. Whether you need someone today or might be looking to make your move in six months, start now – Get Yourself Known.

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